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Texas Glass Tools & Tools LLC

Auto Glass Technician Basics Kit

Auto Glass Technician Basics Kit

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• Perfect Kit To Start Removing Glass
• 30 Essential Tools Every Technician Uses Daily
• High-Quality Tools From The PipeKnife Company
• Includes Handy Tool Carrying Bag

PipeKnife Cutout Tool w/ ScrewCaddy
Door Panel Clip Remover Tool
WRD Urethane Trim Tool w/ 3 Attachments 17mm wide / 12mm wide / Straight
Mirror Bracket Removal Tools T-15 / #2 Phillips Head
Torque Hex Drivers T-15 / T-20 Hex Head 2mm and 3/32
Screw Driver Set
9” Needle Nose Pliers
Urethane Trim Stick
Reid RK-160 Standard Cold Knife w/ Blades
PipeKnife 10mm Nut Driver
PipeKnife Hook Tool
20 Pack Irwin Blades
Pick & Hook Set
Torx Set of 3

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