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X-431 Torque Link - ADAS Recalibration Tablet and Scan Tool

X-431 Torque Link - ADAS Recalibration Tablet and Scan Tool

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The X-431 Torque Link is an Android based advanced intelligent vehicle diagnostic device. It supports full system fault diagnosis, with functions such as Read DTCs, Clear DTCs and more.

  • OE-level Bi-directional functionality.
  • TECH 2 TECH remote diagnostics and technician collaboration.
  • Supports Smartlink Remote Diagnosis. (NEW)
  • Auto-detect VIN to access vehicle info within seconds.
  • OE-level U.S. vehicle coverage in addition to Asian, European coverage from 1996 and newer. > Supports Communication protocols CAN/CANFD/DoIP and automotive communication standards
  • Code Assist by IDENTIFIX, access most common fixes and repair solutions with corresponding DTC's.
  • Supports X-431 Fix repair information, driven by Motor. MOTOR DRIVEN
  • Extra software or other products can be purchased throughout Launch Mall.
  • OE vehicle approved Security Gateway access by FCA certified.
  • Monitor the vehicle's voltage in real time during live diagnostics.
  • Topology module mapping provides a virtual overview of all on board control modules and their communication statuses.
  • Vehicle health report feature gives comprehensive status on all onboard systems of vehicle.
  • Supports optional extension modules, ADAS calibration, ADAS HD, Immobilizer, Battery Tester, Videoscope, Scope Box and Sensor Box. SPECIFICATIONS
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